Peter Bennett wins walking event in Seychelles


The 3rd edition of the Seychelles 24 hours of  race walking consisted of four races of 6 hours duration on consecutive days. Being near the equator , the conditions were hot as expected especially with the races starting at 11am each day.  The challenge for walkers was to ensure hydration levels were maintained and that you covered yourself in enough sunscreen to prevent being burnt to a crisp. Pacing yourself each day to try to achieve the most kilometres possible but to still be able to race the next day was a priority . With only 18 hours from the end of one leg to the start time of the next leg making sure you got enough food , drink and rest in that time was essential . That did not prevent having some social time with other walkers.


The Race Venues

The first leg at held at the Berjaya Resort Hotel at the beach resort of Beau Vallon which is 11km from Victoria , the capital of the Seychelles. The race was on a circuit starting from a fountain in front of the hotel reception .  (Photo below)


The beach at Beau Vallon


The second leg was held in the grounds of the University of the Seychelles at the beach township of Anse Royale.

The beach at Anse Royale


The third leg was held on the roads through the Ile Perseverance housing project near Victoria . The estate is on an artificial island created by reclaiming areas of the shallow coral reefs close to Victoria. This was a very testing day with no shade at all for the duration of the race.

The fourth leg was in the streets of the main town of Victoria starting at the Victoria Clocktower which has remained virtually unchanged for 100 years .  Early on it was a challenge to dodge tourists and locals doing the Saturday morning shopping but everything closed down at midday and we had the streets to ourselves after that

Final Results for the Four Stages


  1. Peter Bennett – Australie (200km 565)
  2. Jacques Till – Belgique (185km 515)
  3. Anna Barra – Seychelles (169km 820)
  4. Renick Belize – Seychelles (136km 680)
  5. Jean-Pierre Andriamahatana – Madagascar (136km 330)
  6. Florisse Ernesta – Seychelles (126km 80)
  7. Mathias Ballin – France (113km 415)
  8. Jean-Jacques Dargent – France (101km 970)
  9. Shane Songoire – Seychelles (100km 755)
  10. Lalatiana Rasolojaona – Madagascar (86km 990)